TeleCoin review

Telecoin was designed to enhance the security and privacy of transfers and transactions in a globalized, fast-paced world with great digital risks. Providing long-term energy efficient cryptocurrency to the world.

Risks in a digital society are associated with an excessive amount of personal data added to the traditional centralized third-party verification cycle, which most transactions subscribe to today.

As the world deepens into a digital virtual reality, we need to take care of us a lot, and this is personal in this space. We need to develop technologies and protocols to protect the confidentiality and integrity of our data.

Telecoin was designed to enhance the security and privacy of transfers and transactions in a globalized, fast-paced world with great digital risks. Providing long-term energy efficient cryptocurrency to the world.

With this in mind, Telecoin was created to provide users with freedom and fair management, while providing a secure and private way to complete transactions.

With a network that supports the master nodes, Telecoin understands that for those who support and help strengthen the network, an equitable remuneration system must be implemented in order to benefit the project community.

The goal is to create a network based on honest and trusting interactions, encouraging those who help maintain, grow and contribute to the future development and growth of infrastructure.

Since most networks offer a 50/50 reward in the reward that Masternode could provide, Telecoin issues a 60/40 spill, which provides the greatest return to the host. We found this the best way to demonstrate our intentions to those who act as pillars in the community and the network.


Instant transactions. SwiftX transactions are confirmed and can be spent within a few seconds, which is guaranteed by the network of master nodes, and there is no need to wait for several confirmations to be sure of the actual transaction.

Masternodes are stimulated nodes that receive rewards based on their availability and ability to offer network services decentralized and without trust. To launch the master node, you need 10,000 TeleCoin pledges, if you decide to launch the master node, and the owner will be able to vote for the budget and development proposals. These nodes are the basis of current and future services offered on the TeleCoin network, and as such are rewarded at a slightly higher level compared to simple accommodation when their number is at a predetermined level defined in the swing mechanism.

Obfuscation is simply a way to make coin tracking more difficult by mixing MasterCode in TeleCoin. If you send from address A to address B, you can follow the TX. When you activate obfuscation, you tell MN that you want to create a kind of pool between other users who are looking to obfuscate their coins: this creates several exit addresses, and you simply cannot know whether A tx goes to B or C or D. You can activate entanglement but it is necessary that some MN activate and entangle, and some wallets too.

TeleCoin uses a decentralized voting system on the blockchain to reach a consensus on future improvements and updates to the TeleCoin Masternode. The voting system is the basis for decentralized management of our network and plays a vital role in bringing about changes and improvements by the community through direct participation.

Sectors, project applications:
• Gaming
• Advertising and Marketing
• Retail
• Betting
• Social Media
• Digital Content

Benefits of Telecoin
• Limited Supply
• Low latency
• Open Source
• Community Based Infrastructure
• Decentralized
• Proof of Stake
• MasterNode
• Paired with the TeleCoin Trend-Setter Platform (reward medium for users)
• Low Transaction Costs
• Anonymity — (Obfuscation)
• Guaranteed Zero Confirmation Transactions (SwiftTX)
• Fast Transaction Speed
• Privacy — No Personal or Sensitive Information Held by Third Parties
• Available to Any Person



Participants of the IEO will receive an equal amount of TELE (once the mainnet has been deployed) to that, that they purchase of TELEX during the IEO. Pre sale purchases will also automatically be issued an equal amount of TELE

Token name: TeleCoin X
Ticker: TELEX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: Erc777
Fixed Supply Total: 15.5m


Tele-Fone is committed to ensuring maximum communication, personal data and security. Tele-Fone is a secure, mobile phone decentralized, which gives users the ability to not only control cryptoassets through embedded refrigeration units, as well as the ability to store personal data and information immediately on the blockchain. Tele-Fone already has a mobile application in advanced stages of development for IOS and Android, which allows you to safely call external devices. It provides encryption regardless of whether they have a mobile phone or an application.

The benefits of using Tele-Fone:
Secure encrypted Network
Secure data storage
Easy to back up in case of theft or loss
Secure P2P calling and messaging
Encrypted file sharing
Signal transmitted through WiFi or GPS
Specialized Purpose-Built Hardware
Micro-transaction based network — Sync to Trend-Setter
Built to be Compatible For Crypto and Blockchain services
Interconnected Products

Telecoin Roadmap

Testing of wallet apps
Testing of Tele mobile iOS & Android wallets. Start build on Trend-setter app.

Begin euro marketing campaign
Euro marketing campaign and partnership deals for the trend-setter platform.

Begin America and Austrailia marketing campaign
North, South America and Austrailia marketing campaign. Testing of trend-setter app.

Release trend setter mobile app
Release trend setter mobile app. Start development on the Tele silk wallet.

TeleCoin has set high goals and objectives for ensuring increased security and privacy. The project is ambitious, with a strong team has great prospects for success in this highly competitive industry.








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